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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan For The Dream Eater

Level: Pre-School/Kindergarten/Grade 1
Subject: Reading

I. Objectives:

A. To learn the value of helping others in need.
B. To learn the value of gratitude.
C. To describe Yukio through a character profile.
D. To describe the baku through a character profile.
E. To write a conversation between Yukio and the baku.
F. To make a chart comparing everybody's dreams.
G. To make an award for Yukio and the baku.
H. To appreciate the illustrator's beautiful drawings.

II. Selection:

The Dream Eater by Christian Garrison
Illustrated by Diane Goode
(Macmillan Publishing Company, 1978)

III. Materials:

book, flashcards for unlocking of difficulties,
activity posters, writing and coloring materials, timer

IV. Procedure:

A. Pre-reading

1. Unlocking of Difficulties
a. bamboo - This is a drawing of a bamboo plant. What can you say about this plant? Compare its parts with other plants.
b. tender shoots - The farmer planted the tender shoots of bamboo yesterday. What do we mean by tender shoots? How long does it take for plants to grow?
c. nightmare - After watching a horror movie, I had a nightmare. In my nightmare, I was being chased by monsters. What does nightmare mean? What kind of dream did I have?
d. bandits - The policemen are looking for bandits who stole a lot of money. What do you think bandits mean? What is another word for bandits?
e. terrible - I heard a terrible news last week. A lot of people died because of the storm? What do you think terrible means? What kind of news did I hear?
f. strange - The strange plant has violet leaves. What does strange mean? Do
plants usually have violet leaves?
2. Motivation Question:
What kind of dreams do you have when you sleep at night?

3. Motive Question:
Let's find out in the story what kind of dreams the villagers have.

B. Reading
What do you think Yukio and the baku will do? (page 10)

III. Post-Reading

A. Engagement Activities

1. Character Profile - the group should be able to describe Yukio's characteristics.
2. Character Profile - the group should be able to describe the baku's characteristics.
3. Speech Bubble - the group should be able to write the conversation between Yukio and the baku.
4. Chart - the group should be able to make a "Before And After" chart about the villagers' dreams.
5. Award - the group should be able to make an award for the baku and Yukio.

B. Discussions:

1. Where did the story happen?
2. What is the name of the little boy in the story?
3. What kind of dreams is he having?
4. Who else are having nightmares?
5. What did they tell Yukio?
6. What did Yukio feel?
7. What happened when Yukio went to the river?
8. What did he see?
9. What happened to the baku?
10. What did Yukio do?
11. If you were Yukio would you do the same thing? Why?
12. How did the baku feel after being helped by Yukio?
13. What did the baku say to Yukio?
14. What did Yukio want the baku to do?
15. When they crossed the river bridge, what did the baku do?
16. If you were the baku, would you do the same thing? Why?
17. How do you think the villagers felt when their nightmares disappeared?
18. Why is it important to help others who are in need?
19. When you help others, how do you feel afterwards?
20. When somebody helps you, what should you do?

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