Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree

Author: David Korr

Illustrator: Joe Mathieu

Publisher: Western Publishing Company Inc, 1977

Language: English

Summary: This book is about Cookie Monster who finds a Cookie Tree owned by a selfish witch in the forest. The witch doesn’t want Cookie Monster to eat all the cookies so she casts a spell on the magical tree --- Cookie Monster can only get a cookie if he will share it with someone.

Classroom Uses: Storytelling, Read Alouds

This is a good story to read to children to teach them the value of sharing. It is presented in comic book style and includes different characters from Sesame Street.


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Ruthi said...

very interesting. i grew up watching sesame street and i love cookie monster because of his funny voice. this is indeed a very interesting story for young kids. keep it up.