Friday, November 13, 2009

Adjective Lesson Plan

Continuation of The Dream Eater Lesson Plan
Level: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
Subject: Adjectives/Descriptive Words
Story: The Dream Eater

I. Objectives:

A. To identify words that describe people, places and things in sentences.
B. To give examples of sentences with descriptive words.

II. Materials:

sentence charts, food cut-outs, worksheets

III. Procedure:

A. Presentation

I have here some sentences from the story. Lets read them one by one.

1. Yukio is very helpful.
2. He lives in a peaceful village.
3. He saw a strange creature.

B. Discussion
1. Look at sentence number 1, who is very helpful? (underline nouns)
Look at sentence number 2, where does Yukio live?
Look at sentence number 3, what did Yukio see?
2. Look at the underlined words.
What kind of boy is Yukio? (encircle adjectives)
What kind of village does he live in?
What kind of creature did he see?
What kind of words do they describe?
What do you think these words are calle if they describe
people, places and things?
3. I have some more examples here.
Who can tell me the descriptive words?
Which words do they describe?
1. The book is heavy.
2. He lives in a big city.
3. She is very kind.

C. Assimilation

Sally Goes to Market
The class will be divided into two groups. There will be food cut-outs with sentences written on the back. After the signal and type of food to look for is given, a member of each group will pick up the basket, get the food and write the desriptive word on the board. The first member who writes the correct word will get a point for their group. The group with the most number of points at the end of the game wins.


1. The pie is delicious.
2. The room is clean.
3. She is an intelligent girl.
4. The class is very quiet.
5. He is a nice person.
6. She has curly hair.
7. The house is very big.
8. The bag is expensive.
9. He owns a shiny mirror.
10. His sister is pretty.

IV. Evaluation

Encircle the descriptive words in the sentences. Underline the words that they describe.

1. He carried a heavy stone yesterday.
2. She likes to eat sweet fruits.
3. Do not eat if your hands are dirty.
4. The monster is very strong.
5. He gave her colorful pillows.
6. The spider has long legs.
7. She baked a round cake.
8. Her son is very lazy.
9. The selfish boy does not have friends.
10. There is a tiny button on the dress.

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