Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pronoun Lesson Plan

Continuation of Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree Lesson Plan
Level: Kindergarten/Grade One
Subject: Pronouns
Story: Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree

I. Objectives:

A. To state when to use YOU, YOUR, and YOURS in a sentence.
B. To complete sentences using the appropriate pronoun.

II. Materials:

Posters, charts, flashcards, worksheets

III. Procedure

A. Presentation:
I have here some sentences from the story. Let read them one by one.

Cookie Tree to Cookie Monster:

I will give my cookie to you.
It is your cookie now.
It is yours.

B. Discussion:

1. Look at sentence number 1, who is cookie monster talking to?
What word did cookie monster use instead of witch? (underline YOU)
What do you call words that replace names of persons?
What did the cookie monster give to the witch? (encircle COOKIE)

2. Look at sentence number 2, who owns the cookie now?
Which word shows us who owns the cookie now?
What does the witch own now? (encircle COOKIE)

3. Look at sentence number 3, who owns the cookie?
Which word tells us who owns the cookie? (underlince YOURS)
What do we call these special pronouns?
What do possessive pronouns show us?

4. Look at the underlined words.
When do we use the word YOU?
Look at sentence number 2, what word comes immediately after YOUR?
Look at sentence number 3, does any word come after YOURS?

IV. Practice Assimilation

Shoot That Ball!
There will be 3 baskets labeled YOU, YOUR and YOURS in front of the room. The students will be divided into 5 groups. Each group will receive 10 different colored balls. There will be incomplete sentences on the board that will be revealed one by one. After the teacher gives the signal, the first person in front of the line will “shoot” the ball to complete the sentence. Each member will take turns in shooting the ball until everyone has participated. The group with the most number of points at the end of the game wins.

V. Evaluation

Read the paragraph carefully. Choose a pronoun from the box to complete the sentences. You can use the pronouns more than once.

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