Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan for Friends

Level:  Grade One
Subject: Reading

I. Objectives:

A. Expressive Objectives
  1. To learn the value of having friends
  2. To learn that friends always help each other
B. Instructional Objectives
  1. To describe Charlie, Johnny and Percy through a character profile
  2. To make a chart about their different roles
  3. To write a conversation between the friends
  4. To make an award for their friends
  5. To make a list of things that friends do with each other
C. Aesthetic Objectives
  1. To appreciate the illustrator's drawings

II. Selection: Friends by Helme Heine (Illustrated by Helme Heine)

III. Materials:

Activity posters
Writing and coloring materials

IV. Procedure

A. Pre-reading

1. Unlocking of Difficulties

a. Rumble
"Yesterday, I was so hungry that I heard my stomach rumble.  What do you think rumble means?  What happens when you are hungry?"
b. Plugged up
"The driver plugged up the hole in the tire.   What do you think plugged up means?  What will happen if you don't plug up a hole?"
c. Tiller
"The sailor used the tiller to turn right and then go straight.  What do you think a tiller means? What is it used for?"
d. Steepest
"Mt. Apo is the steepest mountain in the Philippines.  What does steep mean?  What can you say about Mt. Apo?"

2. Motivation Question

a. What do you do together with your friends?

3. Motive Question

a. Let's find out in the story what the friends do together.

B. During Reading

The teacher will ask, "What  do you think they will do next?"

C. Post-Reading

1. Engagement Activities

a. Character Profile - The group should be able to describe Charlie, Johnny and Percy's characteristics.
b. Chart - The group should be able to state their different roles when riding a bicycle or a boat.
c. Award - The group should be able to make an award for the friends.

2. Discussion

a. Who are the best friends in the story?
b. What do they always say about good friends?
c. What do they do every morning?
d. After helping Charlie, what else do they do?
e. What can you say about the friends when they do something together?
f. What did they do when they got hungry?
g. What happened when they ate cherries?
h. Where did they want to sleep?
i. What did they decide to do?
j. What did they dream about?
k. How do you think the friends feel about each other?
l. How do you feel about your friends?
m. What are some of the things that friends do together?
n. Why is it important to have friends?

Teaching Aids for Reading (Friends by Helme Heine)

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