Saturday, March 18, 2017

Course Outline for Retailing Techniques for Supplements

  I.      Course Description:  The course aims to provide the participants the skills and tools to identify and qualify potential clients, get appointments, prepare and conduct a sales conversation, close the sale and activate a follow-up process.

II.      Pre-requisites:  Supplementation Training           

III.    Duration:  1 hour

IV.      Materials:  Laptops, Projector
V.       Audience:  Distributors

VI.   Outline Topics:         

Major Topic
Key Concepts
Course objectives and expectations
Concept and importance of retail selling
Importance of product knowledge
Initial Contact
Preparation for the initial contact
Sales Presentation
Establishing a connection with clients
Handling objections
Closing the Sale
Recognizing when to close the sale
Following Up
The importance of following up
When to follow up with customers

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