Thursday, September 10, 2009

Integrated Lesson Plan For A House For Hermit Crab

Level: Pre-school/Kindergarten
Subjects: Reading, Science, Mathematics, Writing, Art

I. Objectives:
A. To realize that:

  1. We find happiness in sharing good things with others.
  2. We should help our friends when they need it.
B. To describe the function of a seashell.
C. To arrange pictures of sea animals from biggest to smallest.
D. To recognize the letter H.
E. To use a variety of materials and creativity to decorate the Hermit Crab's house.

II. Subject Matter and Materials:

A. Selection: A House For Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
B. Materials:

pictures of animals
charts and big box for activities
crayons, color pens, glitters and cutouts for the art activity

III. Procedure:

A. Pre-reading
Unlocking of Difficulties:
The teacher will show pictures and ask the students to describe them:

    1. shell
    2. claw

B. Reading
The teacher will read the story aloud while the students will follow silently. He or she will show big cutouts of the animals/plants that Hermit meets in the story.

C. Post Reading

1. For Noting Details:
The teacher will show colorful pictures of animals (starfish, snail, crocodile, cow, duck, coral, weeds, etc).

a. Which of the following are not in the story?
b. Which of these animals did Hermit Crab meet first?

2. For Visual Discrimination:
The teacher will show colorful pictures of animals.

a. Which of these pictures look like the one in the big box?
b. Which of the pictures look the same?

3. For Reasoning Skill:
The teacher will show different groups of animals.

a. Which one does not belong to this group (fish, lobster,
shrimp)? Why?
b. Which one does not belong to this group (crab, oyster,
rayfish)? Why?

4. For Science:
The teacher will introduce sea creatures with shells. He or she will show some pictures of shelled animals and ask the students to describe them.

a. What is the function of a seashell?
b. Can you relate the function of a seashell to their own dwelling?

5. For Mathematics:
The teacher will introduce the concept of "big" and "small". He or she will ask the students to arrange the pictures of crab from biggest to smallest.

6. For Beginning Reading:
The teacher will introduce the words beginning with letter H.

a. Which of the pictures has a different beginning
sound? (house, hand, mask, head)
b. Read the following words and sentences:
    • hat, ham, head, holt, horn, has
    • Harry has a hat.
    • Hannah has a ham.
    • Henry and Heidi sat on the mat.

7. For Writing:
Children will write about their dreamhouse.

8. For Art:
The teacher will give each student a picture of Hermit Crab's house and ask them to decorate it using crayons, colorpens, glitters, magazine cutouts, etc.

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